We hope that people appreciate and respect this information we make available for research. Please let us know if there is something that you don't want up here let me know. These are the actual Magazines and Newsletters published by Take A Walk On The Wildside, Toronto.

A Canadian University asked me for my collection since there is so little information available about the history of trans people in Canada. That is when I decided to make some of my collection public. Copies of all of these publications are in the National Library in Ottawa following the rules attached to Canadian Books In Print.

Why Do I Crossdress? ISBN 0-9697191-2-4
S.T.U.D. ISBN 0-9697191-3-2
The Illustrated Crossdresser and Drag Queen Makeup Guide
ISBN 0-9697191-1-6
Aldridge, Patricia 1955 ISBN 09697191-1-6
PN 2068.A541993 792.027 C94-930158-2
Magazines – 48 pages
Queens of '93 ISBN 0-9697191-0-8,
Drag Queens International – 16 Issues
Fetish Night – 11 Issues
The Toronto CDC – 6 issues
The Canadian CrossDresser Magazine (ISSN 1192-9642) – 16 issues

Thank you to Veronica Brown co-editor.

Now let's reminisce or research, whichever you choose, but for goodness sake, enjoy this history - it belongs to all of us and we are all united through our connections at Wildside. We are putting up all the issues we have - if there are missing issues and you have one, please bring it down to be scanned so we have a complete set. We also have The Transie Times complete set and I intend to put it up. If anyone knows the publisher Jennifer, please ask her to email me - Paddy@wildside.org

We would not have these newsletters without the impetus of Veronica Brown and I am deeply grateful for her positive input to Wildside Toronto in the very early ninties.

Please know that these newletters and magazines are 20 years old - the ads don't work - don't call anyone or write to anyone)

I will be adding more issues as I prepare them.

The Toronto Crossdressers Club Newletters

Toronto CDC_1991_01

Toronto CDC_1991_09


The Canadian Crossdressers Club Magazines